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About Us

Our company was started several years ago in the City of Austin, Capital of Texas. Throughout these years, we have helped hundreds of people buy and sell their properties.

Our extensive experience in the financial market has allowed us to advise our clients get the best loans available at low interest rates, in order to buy the property of their choice. Whether as their own dwelling, as houses for rent, or businesses, ranches, condominiums, etc.

Our department of management and maintenance of properties has allowed us to continue helping them get excellent income and preserve their real estate in good condition, without having to worry about driving in the case of those who live out of town, or having to attend maintenance such as owners who develop other activities that occupy all their attention.

We also speak Spanish.

Meet the Team

Write something about the people who make your business go or your philosophy behind customer service. Why? Because people want to know who they’re doing business with. It’s a human thing.

Alejandro E. Gorsse

Broker, Founder & CEO

Alejandro started young in the real estate business in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his homeland. He took part in the buying and selling of different properties in Argentina, also in Uruguay and Brazil. Then he settled in the U.S., first in Florida, then in Texas. Alejandro worked several years with the prestigious real estate company, Keller Williams Realty, in both cities, Houston, TX and Austin, where he settled. In 2005 Alejandro opted to start his own company, founded Alejandro Realty. Bilingual in Spanish-English, in his extensive career Alejandro has helped hundreds of people to successfully buy and sell their properties.

Karina Martinez

Real Estate Agent

Karina was born in Durango, Mexico and moved to USA in 1989. She lived in El Paso, Texas for 6 years before moving to Austin, Texas. After she worked in the semiconductor industry for 8 years, in 2004 turned to real estate business, getting her real estate license, and becoming a REALTOR®. As a bilingual agent, English Spanish, Karina helped hundreds of Spanish speakers to buy and sell their properties.

Alejandra Soussan

Property Manager

Alejandra is our representative in Los Angeles, California. Experienced real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty, one of the largest and most prestigious real estate agencies in the country. Fluent in Spanish, English and French. With her knowledge and charisma, she has helped our clients to buy and sell their properties and then relocating to Austin or LA as the case. Her collaboration especially for those who only communicate in these languages ​​is invaluable, making easy what at first was believed would be difficult, if not impossible.

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